HSUHK Taught Postgraduate Student Orientation Day 2019

HSUHK extended a warm welcome to new taught postgraduate students during an Orientation held on 31 Aug 2019.

During the Welcome Ceremony, President Simon Ho delivered a welcome remark to the students. Miss Lim Ee Mun, a fresh graduate student then shared her learning experience at HSUHK and encouraged new students to do more interaction with academic staff and fellow students. Her sharing was followed by academic programme briefing sessions for the new students to obtain essential information on their study and meet their teachers and fellow students. Furthermore, in order to provide information about the academic support resources at HSUHK, a Library Tour, a briefing by ITSC and SAO were also conducted.

President Simon Ho delivered a welcome remark.

Miss Lim Ee Mun shared her postgraduate study experience at HSUHK.

New students visited booth of SAO for information.